lunedì 28 dicembre 2009

Virale, Gattino, Antivirus

Molto simbolico. E molto micetto.
Il filmato virale di Kaspersky.

domenica 27 dicembre 2009

Come eravamo

Sunday Blog Attack

domenica 25 gennaio 2009

The Basic Urban Pocket Kit

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Let's be honest. There are not so many real emergency situations you can encounter in an urban setting from which you can escape by means of a pocket "survival" kit.

(If you have an idea about how to escape from a building in flames, only using things you can carry in your pocket - handkerchiefs apart - please let me know...)

Furthermore survival is more about skills and mindset than about tools and kits. Ideally, you should have a McGyver mind.

Letting life-threatening emergencies alone, in an urban setting what can happen (and happens often) is that you have to face inconveniences rather than true emergencies.

Thats the reason that led me to develop my own B.U.P.K. aka Basic Urban Pocket Kit.

My goals were:
1. Have fun
2. More of the aforementioned
3. Assemble a small and light kit that might be useful in coping with things that might happen to me and fiercely attempt to ruin my day.

"Whatever might go wrong, it will."

Things I planned for...
1. Evading darkness (including, yes, dangerous situations as getting stuck in a dark subway train...)
2. Substituting that crucial shirt button seconds before the most important meeting of the year
3. Coping with having your wallet stolen
4. Fix things and restart computers
5. Mitigating your dumbness in wearing new shoes the day public transport is on strike
6. Minor cuts, headache
7. Running out of cigarettes
8. Being in dire need of setting fire to something or someone.

Of course, your needs, priorities and environment might be very different from mine - and consequentely your kit should be different. And should be modified according to the season, your daily plans and so on (more of that later).

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